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We negotiate with your monthly bills so you’re not overpaying. If we can't save you any money, our service is 100% free. Guaranteed.

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Lower Your Monthly Bills Without Any Changes to Your Services

Step 1: Send Your Bills

Step 2: We Negotiate

Step 3: Enjoy the Savings

Get started by creating a BILLSHARK account and upload a few bills to see how much you can save.

Get regular updates as we quickly work our magic and find savings in your next round of bills.

You only pay if we are able to save you money! Our fee is 40% of total savings over 24 months.

Bills We Negotiate

Cable TV
Mobile Phone
Satellite TV
Internet Service
Satellite Radio
Home Security

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Risk-Free Guarantee

If We Can’t Save You Money, You Don’t Pay a Dime

Our modest fee is 40% of your savings, earned only when we do our job effectively. BILLSHARK lowers your bill or there is no cost to you. That’s why our Sharks work so hard to get you results.

Saved $609/year

“I received a response after a few days. They were able to save me $24 a month and $609 a year on my cell phone bill. They found extra amounts that I was being charged and had them removed. Amazing work!”


Saved $1,000+

“3 bills were very successful. One was over $1000 in savings. Literally nothing to lose in trying them! I definitely don't have the time or patience to call and negotiate anything, so why not let them try.”


Saved $1,200

“Can’t recommend BILLSHARK enough. Not only did they get me back $1,200, but they got me back invaluable time I’d have spent pulling my hair out on the phone.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to lower your bills?

We save you time and hassle, and we usually save you more than you could save on your own. If we can't save you money, there are no fees. Signing up is easy and risk-free.

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BILLSHARK is service that helps people lower their monthly bills by negotiating with service providers on your behalf. We make sure you're paying the lowest possible rate, while keeping your service the same.

YES! We've completed over 50,000 negotiations and have an 85% success rate! If you haven't recently negotiated your recurring monthly bills such as Cable TV, Internet, Wireless and Home Security, there is an 80% chance that you're overpaying.

Our customers save an average of $285 annually per bill negotiated. The more bills you send us, the more you can save! Our highest savings was nearly $10,000 for a single customer. Let's just say they were THRILLED! 
So far, we've saved our customers over $8 million!

No risk at all. Our service is completely aligned with our customers success. You only pay if we are able to save you money. The only real risk is if you don't upload your bills and continue to overpay! What would you do with an extra $275?

Sometimes you're already at the best rate possible. BILLSHARK will always confirm this with your provider. If we can't save you any money, our service is 100% free. Guaranteed.

Yes! If a service provider goes back on their promised savings, we will make it right. If your monthly bill doesn't reflect the savings that we achieved, let us know right away:


Our success rate


Our largest savings for a single customer

*Your data is 100% secure

*Customer data is protected by 256-bit encryption keeping your personal information at bank-level security. We will never sell your data. All of our systems are fully encrypted and protected by industry-leading technology that keeps your data safe.